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Tires, Installation & Balance

Tires are an investment in your security. One of the most important parts of vehicle upkeep is replacing old, worn out tires.

Tire Trade is here to give you all the facts you need to make your next tire purchase with confidence.

We will help you choose the right tires for your needs and budget. Tire Trade carries a wide selection of tire brands, at every price point.

Browse our extensive stock of new tires, and compare tire specifications and prices before you purchase, to ensure you are getting the best new tires for your needs and budget.


Wheels define your vehicle's character from classic to elegant to sporty to aggressive and so on...

TireTrade currently stocks and sells a large collection of Alloy and Steel wheels suitable for all types of cars and personal tastes.

With our big selection we are almost sure that we can satisfy your wheels requirements.

Call Tire Trade to get a quote on rims and tire packages.

Wheel Alignment

You'll will need an alignment when:

  • Your car pulls to one side

  • Navigating, especially when turning becomes slightly difficult

  • You have difficulty maintaining a straight drive ahead

TireTrade uses the best of the best in alignment technology. Get your alignment service using the Hunter Elite Hawkeye. There are several benefits to proper wheel alignment.

In addition to reducing tire wear, maintaining wheel alignment can increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency and improve performance. You should have your steering aligned annually.

Align your vehicle to protect your investment. It's always a good idea to get an alignment done when you purchase tires for your vehicle, you'll be saving money in the long run.

Wheel Balancing


If your steering wheel vibrate, or your tires are too noisy, or you have replaced or rotated your tires recently, then you need to re-balance your tires.

The wheel balancing system used by TireTrade is technologically advanced to provide the optimum wheel balance for your vehicle.

Flat Tire Repair

Punctures or flat tires can be repaired providing they does not affect the structure of the tire. Upon inspection of the tire, TireTrade technician will be able to advise you if your tire falls into this category.

Tires can only be repaired in the central area of the tire - the sidewalls are not repairable, and for V rated tires and above, only one repair is allowed. However, before any repair is carried out, the tire must be fully inspected for any signs of internal damage which could cause tire failure.

A flat tire repair usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. It involves deflating and removing the flat tire from the rim, assessing and repairing the puncture before re-fitting it to the rim and balancing the tire on the wheel. It is then fitted to your vehicle and your spare placed back into storage.

Suspension System Repairs

The vehicle's ability to absorb shock and maintain contact with the road surface is dependent on the suspension.Your car's suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect your vehicle to its wheels and support its weight.

If you get the feeling that your car wants to turn when you want to go straight; if your car leans excessively in curves or if you see little scallops in your tire tread (known as "cupped tires"), these are all signs that something may be going on with your suspension.

TireTrade technicians can perform detailed diagnostic check to determine the exact cause of the problem and make repairs before additional damage occurs.

Pads, Rotors, and Break Service

Brakes are one of the top safety features on your vehicle. With every push of the brake pedal, the pads are working hard to stop a vehicle weighing about 2 tons. These pads slowly wear down, so maintaining them is extremely important.

At TireTrade, we service all types of brakes, including front, rear, anti-lock, and emergency. When you come in, one of our technicians will do a thorough brake inspection to determine what is needed, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about your vehicle. We take pride in educating our customers.

If you suspect your brakes may need to be replaced, be sure to have them inspected right away. Delaying simple fixes can lead to more extensive and costly repairs.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires periodically is an essential part of tire maintenance. The main purpose of regularly rotating tires is to achieve more uniform wear for all tires on the vehicle to maximize its life.

If no rotation period or pattern is to be found in your owner's documentation, rotate your tires at least every 10,000km and follow one of the suggested patterns.

However, you can rotate your tires earlier if irregular or uneven wear develops, and check with one of our professional staff here at TireTrade to determine the cause of the wear problem.

Remember that a hard impact such as hitting a hole or a sidewalk can cause misalignment, which then causes uneven tire wear.

General Repairs

At TireTrade, we have you covered for all your automotive needs. Our services are broad: new and used tires, four wheel alignment, oil change services, and much more.

Our packages include tire installation and balancing, Valve Stems, and re-torque. We also offer full vehicle service inspection, tire Repair, and lug nut replacement, and other tire services.

Our four wheel alignment services is the fastest and most precise. We use the Hunter Engineering technology to insure you get the best alignment possible.

We also offer services such as; filling transmission fluid; checking your battery, air filters, wiper blades, headlights, filling your washer fluid, filling your power steering, checking and adjusting your tire pressure, and checking your signal, brake and taillights. And we offer other install services, including installation of pads and rotors, and suspension repairs.

Let TireTrade be your one stop station for all your automotive needs.


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